Probation Violations

Lancaster County Probation Violation Matters

Are you facing a probation violation or parole violation, a Gagnon I or Gagnon II hearing in Lancaster County?  Then speak to a Criminal Defense Lawyer to fight for you when you or facing a technical violation or facing violation for new charges in Media PA or Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

There are two types of problems that typically cause probation or parole violations:

Technical parole violations in which a person doesn’t do what they were required to do, such as: Failing to report to your probation or parole officer ; Failing to report for a mandatory drug test, failing a drug test, or testing positive for alcohol use; Failing to pay fines or court costs as ordered; Failing to comply with the terms of your probation or parole regarding counseling or community service; or Failing to maintain a job and/or family obligations (child support or child visitation); and violations for committing a new crime while on probation.

If You Are In Jail for a Probation Violation, You Will Not Be Able to Post Bail or Bond

If you are accused of violating probation during your period of probation, your probation officer will likely place a detainer on you and make you sit in jail until you have a hearing. You will not be able to get out by posting bond. Probation violations are not bondable offenses.

If you violate the terms or conditions of your Lancaster County probation, you can be detained in jail with a probation violation detainer. Most people end up detained for failing to report, testing positive for narcotics in their system, or being charged with a new crime while on probation. There is a detailed process that you must go through to get someone out of jail, and I have been through this process several times. I can handle the following probation and parole hearings:

Gagnon I hearing: Once it is determined that a person has violated one of the rules mentioned above, you will most likely end up in jail on a detainer warrant until a Gagnon Hearing is set, where it will be determined whether or not the accused will be transferred to another site or remain in the same jail until their Gagnon II hearings.

Detainer petitions: If a determination is made that the defendant should remain in jail pending a Gagnon II hearing, an appeal can be made to the judge. If your friend or loved one is detained, do not contact their parole officer. You could make the situation worse. I will make sure the situation is properly handled.

Gagnon II hearing: At the final hearing, you will appear before the judge who originally imposed the probation sentence. The Commonwealth will fight to have your probation revoked, but I will work strongly on your behalf to make a recommendation and make sure you appear in the best light possible.

If you are dealing with a chemical addiction and facing a probation violation detainer for a failed drug test, you need access to treatment, not a jail sentence. I can help you get into a program, so you get treatment, not punishment.

It is essential that a skilled attorney gets involved to dispute the probation or parole violation and or negotiate the best option to avoid a return to a lengthy jail sentence.

Committed to Helping You Avoid the Worst Possible Scenario

While there are no guarantees in criminal defense law, understanding your rights and the legal options available to you can improve your chances when defending yourself from all types of probation violation and parole violation issues.   As a criminal defense attorneys with years of experience in our criminal justice system, we understand how to negotiate your probation department issue.

We make your choice all the clearer fighting for clients throughout Lancaster County, including our main location in Greater Philadelphia.   For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, please contact us (888) 643-0006.