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Lancaster County Fraud Offenses & Crimes 

Are you facing criminal charges for fraud or fraudulent deception in Lancaster County Pennsylvania? Then speak to a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend yourself from charges or arrest for fraud in Lancaster County. 

The criminal offense of fraud involves a knowing or intentional attempt to deceive another for your own pecuniary gain.  Examples of criminal fraud offenses include welfare fraud, unemployment compensation fraud, food stamp fraud, mail fraud, internet fraud and insurance fraud.  In most cases these offense are graded as a felony offense. 

Committed to Helping You Avoid the Worst Possible Scenario 

While there are no guarantees in Pennsylvania criminal defense law, understanding your rights and the legal options available to you can improve your chances when defending yourself from charges of burglary, breaking and entering or trespass. As  criminal defense attorneys serving Lancaster County with years of experience in our criminal justice system, we understand how to negotiate with the court, how to identify questionable police conduct and suspicious testimony, and prevent clients from making certain kinds of mistakes.  

When evidence and guilt is not in question, extenuating circumstances may convince the court to either reduce the charges against you or the sentence you face. As your defense lawyers, we work with prosecutors in exploring alternative sentencing options when a plea of “guilty” may be in your best interest. In certain cases where provocation, a medical condition, or alcohol is involved, it may be possible to avoid jail or a heavy fine in exchange for a promise to get counseling, provide community service, and agree to probation. 

You also need Lancaster County criminal lawyers both passionate in what they do and compassionate in their treatment of their clients. You deserve a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer that is available when you need him, treats you with respect, and protects your rights vigorously. We make your choice all the clearer fighting for clients throughout the metropolitan Philadelphia Pennsylvania, including Lancaster County.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, contact us at (888) 643-0006